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Welcome to We understand that privacy online is important of our visitors. so we announce that a person's or a group's identity, ethnicity, faith, career, likes and dislikes, hobbies, political and social status, etc., aren't ever discussed on or criticized for purpose. However, if any individual or group poses a danger to society or the government, is deserving of criticism, is a source of respect or harm, or is generally deserving of debate in either a favorable or negative light, we will discuss or criticize them in our writings.

Regarding anyone's gender identity, social standing, economic status, career, etc., we have and will refrain from disparaging, demeaning, spreading rumors, slandering, inciting hatred, etc.

We totally protect the privacy of everybody connected to us by their personal information. Additionally, I entirely refrain from all forms of coercion, including flattery, deceit, false assurance, and financial transactions.

We never take any actions that would endanger ourselves or others. Additionally, we do not advocate for sexually explicit writings, movies, or photographs. We fully abstain from promoting violence, sowing discord, inciting hostility, disseminating defamation, committing theft and robbery, negatively affecting society, etc. And if any of us engages in insulting, unjust, or criminal activity, we will boycott him and sue him. We always associate with the decent, kind, charitable, talented, and knowledgeable people and aspire to be like them; after all, we want to live a life that is secure, lovely, and joyful.


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